Work Hard,
Stay Cool.

The project was initiated for athletes,
who perpetually aim beyond the limits.

have a fundamental dilemma.

Ventilation is lost in order to block direct sunlight,
and higher ventilation cannot be attained
without increasing sun exposure.

made significant leaps in ventilation,
while protecting the head from direct sunlight.

By utilizing the world’s first Flow System,
the temperature inside the cap
is ~2˚C lower than ordinary caps,
dramatically improving the ventilation.

Creating an environment that brings out
the finest performance in athletes
even under strenuous movements.

For the sake of all athletes.



Research by Akira Yorimoto,
professor at Kyoto Women’s University,
Faculty of Home Economics, Department of Food
and Nutrition and Professor Emeritus Medical
Doctorate at University of Shiga Prefecture

World’s first high ventilation cap system


BUILMATEL Inc, based in Japan, engineered this high ventilation cap system. Compared to standard caps, temperature inside the cap is 2˚C lower, and reduces humidity by 30%.


Ambient air enters through ventilation holes
in the upper part of the brim and gaps on the sides

The ventilation holes on the upper part of the brim and the gaps on the sides, patented by BUILMATEL Inc, creates convection (forced convection) and natural convection. As a result, air from the outside enters and circulates the air inside the cap.


Air inside the cap is expelled out the ventilation hole
on the top of the cap through convection

Due to principles of the stack effect, the ventilation hole at the top of the cap becomes an exit for the two convections. Consequently, the ventilation of the cap is increased.


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